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Taxi Service East Meadow NY 11554. Taxi to the Hicksville LIRR train station

East Meadow Taxi and Airport Service is dedicated to providing taxi services and airport shuttles in and around East Meadow NY with the highest levels of client satisfaction – does everything to ensure client satisfaction and repeat business.

With a variety of local and long diatance services to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy using us for all your transportation needs. Look around the Long Island Taxi Service website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to call us at 516-260-8407. We will be delighted to help you get picked up fast! Check back periodically for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come! We want to educate you as best as possible about the transportation system in East Meadow NY 11554 and how taking a taxi service could be your best option to get around town!

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Location of East Meadow Taxi And Airport Service

East Meadow Taxi And Airport Service is located behind Coasters Tavern on Newbridge Rd in East Meadow, just north of North Jerusalem Rd, on the border of North Bellmore. You can always get a taxi dispatched to you from the central dispatch location and even during big events, you can hail your preferred transportation method right from the bar. Just ask any of the bartenders or the management and you will be directed to the correct method of transportation to and from your event. 

In 2018, many taxi operators have either condensed their businesses, like how All Island moved their taxi operation out of Levittown and East Meadow or how LI Yellow Cab dispatched many cars from one location but many different operating areas. East Meadow Taxi And Airport Service dispatches all its taxis in East Meadow NY 11554 from one location on Newbridge Rd behind Coasters Tavern and networks with the Long Island Taxi Network for taxi dispatches in other towns, even just the neighboring towns. What does that mean for East Meadow? Faster service and drivers tuned to providing high quality service in East Meadow NY and not everywhere. We can drive you anywhere you would like to go, even Montauk Point, or Orient Point on the East End of Long Island but we service East Meadow first and foremost. That brings value to the residents and visitors to East Meadow NY 11554.

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Long Island Taxi Service East Meadow NY 11554. Taxi fares from Westbury to JFK airport
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Levittown Taxi Service LI

Levittown NY 11756 is the western border of East Meadow NY 11554 and is the most populous town in Nassau County. It houses well over 50,000 individuals. Long Island has become home to suburbs of the post world war II community and because of this fact, many retired military have settled down in Levittown NY. We offer a 10% or $10 cash discount to all present and retired members of the US Military. If you find yourself needing a taxi in East Meadow NY 11554 or Levittown NY 11756, call East Meadow Taxi and Airport Service and mention that you are military and your dispatcher will remove $10 or 10% from your bill depending on the service yo are ordering.

Car Service Levittown NY 11756

Levittown is one of those towns that because there is a very busy downtown area (Hempstead Turnpike) and no train station, we have become very dependant on using local taxi services in Levittown NY 11756. A local taxi ride is just $10 from any spot in East Meadow NY 11554 or Levittown NY 11756 to any place within a 3 mile radius. One note is that service is limited with the Nassau County Jail located on 100 Carmen Ave East Meadow NY 11554 and Coliseum Motor Inn located at 1650 Hempstead Turnpike East Meadow NY 11554. We discourage pickups from those locations unless it is deemed completely necessary by a dispatcher or manager. If you find yourself at the Nassau County Jail or Coliseum Motor Inn, those are the only two pickup spot we would actually encourage you to use the uber taxi app to book a ride at. All other spots in East Meadow and Levittown are open season to all taxi service in East Meadow provided by us.

Airport Transportation Levittown NY 11756

Going to the airport and getting a cab service in Levittown NY 11756 could be a very stressful thing when you don't know what to do, but East Meadow Taxi and Airport Service is here to relieve some of, if not all of that stress in getting a taxi to the airport. You can book a taxi to the airport at any time by calling East Meadow Taxi and Airport Service at 516-260-8407, and your taxi will show up at your scheduled time and give professional courteous service from East Meadow to all area airports. One note is that the time agreed upon and confirmed in your email confirmation must be strictly adhered to, especially with your early morning airport pickup. your taxi must be rolling exactly at that time or a little bit before to ensure prompt service for all customers that schedule rides with East Meadow Taxi And Airport Service. Early morning airport rides could be very tightly reserved on the back of one another and the times agreed upon must be strictly adhered to by the client. This way all people going to the airport can enjoy peaceful stress free rides to all area airports at the time they originally reserved for.

East Meadow Taxi

Why Taxi and not to Uber on Long Island

East Meadow Taxi and Airport Service combines transportation with technology with local community in a way no other Long Island Taxi Company can do. We treat your local trip to the Long Island Railroad or the grocery store like your biggest night out! People who try us rarely look elsewhere for quality taxi cab transportation and that is why you should strongly try your local taxi service over the world giants like Uber and Lyft before looking outside the community. People who stay in the local community for all services rarely encounter the problems associated with the big taxi apps currently in use.

Community Events in East Meadow

It is always best to check out local events in town on the website for Coasters Tavern. This will ensure you find the best possible gathering of friends and  community members on Long Island.