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Official taxi service - East Meadow NY, Eisenhower Park and Nassau University Medical Center

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Taxi Service from East Meadow to JFK Airport. Cheap cab fares East Meadow Long Island
Taxi Service East Meadow to JFK Airport, Taxi Service East Meadow to LaGuardia Airport

There are many times when it is best to call a taxi:

Taxi from East Meadow to the airport- call as soon as you make your airline reservations

Taxi from East Meadow going Long Distance

Taxi from East Meadow for a day at the Long Island Vineyards

Taxi from East Meadow to NYC for a tour fo NYC from the eyes of somebody from Long Island NY

It is always best to book thesee things well in advance, but should you need it immediately, we will be more than happy to accomodate all your transportation needs, even if it is for right now

The minimum dollar amount on any taxi service reservation for more than one hour into the future is $65.

For all local taxi rides originating and terminating in East Meadow that go less than 10 miles, one should book their taxi one hour before they need the ride.

It is best to book a taxi from YOUR cell phone, not to call a cab for somebody else. That creates unnecessary confusion and deliberates service to those whom DO call from THEIR cell phones.

Calling a taxi service from a landline is also a bad practice because this deliberates your taxi driver being able to locate you. 

Calling a taxi from a multi line facility like NUMC,  Nassau Community College or an office building creates even more delay in us locating the pasenger the cab is intended for.

The best practice in booking a car is to call from YOUR cell phone so we can text you the confirmation and make sure the info is correct. It is also important to have enough power in your cell phone to get picked up. your driver will most likely call your cell phone when your car is outside.

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When Not To Call A Taxi

Most of the time is it best to book your local cab company in East meadow NY 11554. There are times when that is less than a grat choice.

One such time to not call a cab is when you are too inebriated to ride without feeling sick. At that point it is best to get sick in an uber or lyft car. This will help keep local businesses on Long Island afloat and not let the uber or lyft driver continue the rest of their night and force them to retire for the evening early. It will help the local ab services in the community in more ways than one by getting sick and possibly throwing up in an uber car. Rule of thumb is that if you feel the need to get sick in the car, its best to get sick in an uber, not a local cab service.

East Meadow Taxi and Airport Service reserves the right to collect a minimum of $150 in the event of sickness in vehicle. This will ensure that the next rider in the taxi will have a pleasant experience with no extraneous smells.

Another time is when calling a cab for someone else. Most of the time if the person is coherent enough to know they need a taxi, they will call from their own cell phone not somebody elses. You will be directed via text message to book your cab via the Long Island Taxi App called Aaron Transportation available in your Google Play Store or ITunes. If youre nice enough to call the cab for someone, you should be nice enough to prepay it, too

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